St James Church - Newchapel

Thanksgivings & Baptism

Baptism is the way Christians publically declare their faith in Jesus Christ, it is a once in a lifetime event.  If you want to declare your faith in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and commit to live a life according to the Bible then we are more than happy to baptise you as an adult. Come along on Sundays and talk to us about why you want to be baptised.

Having a child enter your life is one of the greatest moments for any parent.  Perhaps you want to mark the birth of your child by saying "Thank You" to God.  If you are not currently attending church regularly or are not sure where you stand in your own faith, then a service of Thanksgiving could be the most appropriate way of doing that.  Complete the form below enititled 'Thanksgiving for a Child' and one of the church leaders will be in touch with you to talk your options through and make arrangements.

Infant Baptism
If you want your baby to receive a Christian Baptism and are not sure about the implications of the promises you will be making on behalf of your child as an extension of your own faith in Jesus, we are more than happy to explore Baptism with you for your children.  Please download and complete the * sections and email back to us the baptism form below.  If you are not currently attending regularly, then we would ask you to first consider the Thanksgiving service above.  Alternatively, why not come to one of our 10:30am services on a Sunday and chat to the Vicar about starting to attend whilst we arrange to talk your options through and make arrangements.

We look forward to meeting you and your family.

Download Baptism Forms: